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Are you looking for a refreshing tea that packs a flavor punch? Look no further than our Homemade sorrel or hibiscus tea! Made from dried hibiscus calcytes, or sorrel plant, our tea is loaded with antioxidants and has been known to help with inflammation and boost digestion. Plus, it tastes amazing! Sip on our sorrel/hibiscus tea for a tangy and slightly tart flavor,  with notes of cranberry and citrus. Our Teas, are enjoyable hot but can be enjoyed iced after brewing, and sweetened to your liking. Bring some Caribbean, West African or Middle Eastern flare to your tea cabinet with our sorrel or hibiscus tea. Order now and enjoy a delicious and healthy beverage all year long.

Sunan Sorrel Tea Bags w Ginger and Cinnamon

SKU: 788362761103
  • Each teabag has about 4 grams of ingredients  and each bag has 15 tea bags which include hibiscus/sorrel tea, ginger and cinnamon. We produce our own dehydrated ginger  and import our hibiscus/sorrel. Our tea bags are unbleached and our ingredients are chosen from premier sources. We also wash and sun dry our hibiscus/sorrel to give our customers a smooth taste and to keep in the nutrients so that you can enjoy the health benefits. Hibiscus is a great source of antioxidants that helps to prevent oxidation or reduce the effects of oxidation in your body.

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